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Why Is the Garage Always So Cold?

Clean Garage Space
Your garage is likely one of the colder spots in the house if you haven't taken steps to block drafts and prevent heat loss. Newer homes are not necessarily built with good insulation; many are, of course, but you can still find new homes that weren't insulated properly.
Regardless of the age of your home, though, you need to pay special attention to the garage to make sure that the temperature inside remains stable.
Much of the heat loss you experience in the garage occurs at the doors and windows, and your main garage door is a big factor. This makes sense, given that the main garage door takes up a whole wall. Don't let the size fool you, though. The process is relatively simple for a garage door company to get that door into shape — or install a new one.

The Weatherstripping Can Rot

A recurring issue with garage doors is that the weatherstripping can rot over time. Friction can also tear up the surface of the weatherstripping, and mold can ruin the material as well.
While replacing weatherstripping on a regular door frame is fairly simple, replacing it on a garage door frame is a little trickier because you're also dealing with an automatic opener and possibly a segmented door that slides down.
If you attempt to replace the weatherstripping yourself, you may create more damage unintentionally. Instead, have the door inspected by a garage door professional so that all of the factors in heat loss are identified. The company can then make repairs.

The Windows May Be Leaking Air

Do you have windows in your current garage door? Unless the windows are dual panes, you could be losing heat through the glass as well. Many older doors have single-pane windows that should be replaced themselves. Or, if the door is truly old, it may be better to get a new door that already has dual-pane windows or no windows at all.

The Door Itself May Need Reinforcement

Winters in Oklahoma can get very cold. Your garage door needs to be insulated all along its interior surface. A thin garage door can hide hairline cracks and chips that allow warm air to leak out of the garage, even when the door appears to be closed and it has new weatherstripping. In addition, thin wood itself can also let heat transfer through.
While there are some steps you can take yourself, like getting the back door to the garage repaired if it needs new weatherstripping or adding insulating curtains to the windows in the walls of the garage, most of what needs to be done to the main door should be done by a professional repair crew.
The advantages here are twofold. One, you know the work will go well if you find an experienced company. Two, if the repairs turn out to be extensive, the company can go ahead and arrange to replace the door with a new one.
For example, say the wood door is so old and worn that it turns out there are several sections with cracks in them. That's not a door you want to keep. You would be better off and would spend less money in the long run if you were to get an entirely new door.
Contact Pro Overhead Door to arrange for an evaluation if your garage always seems cold. Chances are the door is to blame, and the repair techs can pinpoint the real issues. Getting that garage door into great shape should help stop a lot of heat loss, and that will help keep you more comfortable without making your utility bills soar.