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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Garage Door

Wooden Garage Door
Is your garage door old or beyond repair so you need to get it replaced? Or maybe you're building a new home and you know you're going to need a new door for your attached garage. Whatever the case may be, you have a variety of different garage doors from which to choose.
First, you will need to determine what material you want your garage door to be made out of. Some of the most popular materials include steel, wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum, all of which have their own distinct advantages. To help you figure out what kind of garage door to get, here are four questions to ask yourself before making the purchase.

1. How Much Maintenance Will I Be Able to Do?

Are you someone who likes to fix and repair things on your own? Do you enjoy taking care of your home and doing routine maintenance? When choosing between the types of materials that garage doors are made from, one of the primary concerns will be how much maintenance you're able to do.
For instance, garage doors made out of steel generally require very little maintenance. Other types of doors that require little maintenance include fiberglass and aluminum. These types of garage doors are also rust-free and do not get damaged easily.
If you like the natural look of wood and you don't mind adding a new coat of finish and doing other types of maintenance on a regular basis, you might be satisfied with a wooden garage door.

2. How Concerned Am I About Security?

Another thing to think about when trying to decide what kind of garage door to get is security. Unfortunately, secondary doors, which includes garage doors, are one of the most common ways that burglars get into a home.
Most garage door professionals would agree that doors made out of steel offer the most security. This is primarily because the strength and durability of steel make it hard to break into. Even burglars that have some sort of tool for breaking in would be hard-pressed to get through a steel garage door.
Besides material, you may also want to think about getting a sectional garage door, which are considered the most secure. These doors fully close without leaving a gap. One more thing to consider when securing your garage door is to get one that you can lock while you're out of town.

3. How Much Do I Want to Pay?

Besides maintenance and security, the other primary factor to consider when purchasing a garage door is how much you can afford to pay. On average, homeowners spend about $1,000 for the garage door plus installation. The amount you pay largely depends on what type of material the garage door is made from.
Generally, fiberglass and aluminum are cheaper than steel, and wood can be affordable or expensive depending on the type of wood you want. Shop around to find doors that work with your budget.
It's important to note that the price you pay will vary, depending on where you get your garage door and who installs it. Other factors that determine the price of a garage door include the size of the door, whether it is an automatic garage door, what brand it is, and the style.

4. Who Do I Contact to Get a Garage Door Installed?

If you live in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, or the surrounding area, you can contact Pro Overhead Door for all of your garage door installation needs. We would be happy to help you get the garage door of your dreams. Reach out to us today to get started.